The “Time of Your Life” Reading

Knowing your personal birth chart is one thing. But remember, it is a snapshot in time. The planets keep moving and as they move, they make significant connections to the sensitive points in your birth horoscope.  They symbolize new influences coming into your life and are the building materials available to you for pursuing your dreams.

This reading drills down into the details of what is happening to your horoscope during the next 12 months using a number of predictive techniques.  You bring your agenda and we’ll talk about how you can use the current celestial quality of your life to navigate where you want to go.

Think of this reading as an exercise in strategic time management — a way to get special insight into the qualities of the time of your next year.  There are seasons to life, or as the Bible puts it: “There is a season for everything — a time for every purpose under heaven”.  Learn what your seasons are and you learn how to sail through time, making the most of your circumstances. Truly the time of your life!

Cost: $198

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