The Moon

The Moon is the nocturnal counterpart to the Sun and is at least equal importance. Your Moon Sign is often a more reliable symbol of your day-to-day behavior than your Sun Sign is. To the ancients, the Moon was an important consideration for determining a person’s temperament.

What your Moon’s astrological placement suggests about you is both obvious and subtle. Most simply, it’s about your routine day-to-day reactions to your environment. Much of this functioning happens when we are semi-conscious… for good and ill. Semi-conscious habits are lunar in nature: ways of behaving in the world through which we try to get our needs met without not necessarily paying much attention to our behavior.

The Moon Sign is an ingredient fundamental to relating with others because it is about family and deep bonding. Without the needs represented by your Moon sign, you can’t feel safe enough to be in any kind of relationship. It all begins with safety!

Lunar keywords include:

  • Your home
  • Emotions, Reactions, Habits
  • Mother and baby relationship; bonding, nurturing, shelter, and relational safety
  • Your familial connections and relationship to your current home and your home of origin
  • What nurturing you need and how you can nurture others
  • What you find emotionally gratifying

The Moon Sign can also symbolizes a hunger we long to be fulfilled so strongly that at times it can drive addictive behavior.

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