Rising Signs

The Rising Sign (aka the Ascendant) is the east point in a horoscope from which the celestial bodies appear over the horizon. It can be any one of the 12 signs at all times of the year. It, like the rest of the house structure, is the most sensitive to time. Approximately every 4 minutes, a new degree is rising.

Your Rising sign represents your experience of your life and death struggle to be born. Once arrived, you have your first unmediated interaction with your immediate environment – you draw your first breath. Your Rising Sign symbolizes your personal experience of this universal phenomenon.

Rising Signs are earthier than their Sun Sign equivalents, for the Sun tends to perform everything it touches and push it towards a purpose. The Rising Signs on the other hand forms the foundation stone of the personality as established by the birth itself. They are by necessity darker and earthier and connected to the physical body.

For example, at a social event, the Scorpio Sun Sign man may draw considerable attention for his rugged sex appeal, whereas the Scorpio Rising Sign man may hardly be approached, as he appears too intimidating or, he chooses be inconspicuous because the situation (to him) seems unsafe.

Your Rising Sign is the first sign that you identify with. It symbolizes your body, but as you develop other qualities, it soon develops into a kind of mask. Like the body, the rising sign is our first impression on others and where we need to start new things.

Your Rising Sign is a symbol of a distinct form of psychological integration. It represents how the unified drives of the psyche can be harnessed as one, as they had to be when being born. As we mature, the Rising Sign is the vehicle through which the different parts of us can make an impact on the world. Some astrologers believe that the planet that rules the Rising Sign is the divine principle that has called you into life to do its special work during while on earth

When people talk about the need to get their act together, what they are reaching for is a healthier expression of their Rising Sign to line up the forces of the of their psyches.

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