This page has three sections about love and the zodiac sign:

  1. Flattering Natives is a paragraph with suggestions regarding what to notice and admire when interacting with someone who was born when the Sun was in the sign (simply a Scorpio).
  2. Compatibility Scores are score ratings for Scorpio with every sign on a seven star scale.
  3. Loving a Scorpio is a short essay of useful things to know if you’re in relationship with one.

Flattering Natives

Scorpio’s penchant for secrecy conceals a deep well of passionate desire. Praise them for their resourcefulness, authenticity, and penetrating perceptions.

Compatibility Scores

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) +

Note: dates are approximate and vary slightly by a day or so from year to year.

Loving Scorpio

In the astrological literature, Scorpio has a very sexual reputation. It’s not entirely undeserved, but no sign is more capable of doing without if need be. Some Scorpios choose to be celibate!

The really big secret about Scorpio is that for all their typical toughness, they have a deeply sweet center. Betray it at your peril: you will likely lose them forever if you do and no matter how it looks, there’ll always be a way for them to get back at you should they decide to do so. And they just might! Being stung by a scorpion could never be called a pleasant experience at all!

Their planetary star Mars inclines them to go their own way, even when it challenges accepted opinion. Scorpios want to keep it real – and Mars, like its color, represents nature at its bloodiest, so they like the truth served raw. The Scorpio side of Mars is focused like a laser beam: it can illuminate, conduct surgery, empower, or destroy with equal passion.

Celibate or not, in relationships, Scorpios tend to be just as intense. The sign bonds with others through mutual participation in powerful feelings whether or not accompanied by lovemaking. They tend to love re-living “war stories” because memories of extreme times when emotions ran high and deep connections were made is what they live for.

A Scorpio in your corner is good to have in a fight for what is life but struggle?

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