This page has three sections about love and the zodiac sign:

  1. Flattering Natives is a paragraph with suggestions regarding what to notice and admire when interacting with someone who was born when the Sun was in the sign (aka a Sagittarian).
  2. Compatibility Scores are score ratings for Sagittarius with every sign on a seven star scale.
  3. Loving a Sagittarian is a short essay of useful things to know if you’re in relationship with one.

Flattering Natives

Sagittarius’ engaging joviality is accompanied by a genuine dedication to the truth. Praise Sagittarius folk for their tireless pursuit of it, the insight and wisdom they have gained from their journey and their sharing of it with others.

Compatibility Scores

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) +

Note: dates are approximate and vary slightly by a day or so from year to year.

Loving a Sagittarian

No sign is quite as much fun as Sagittarius: any step towards the bright blue horizon they anticipate ahead, they’re typically up for it.

Sagittarians tend to be big picture thinkers: they have a vision of the world that includes their discernment of its good and bad qualities, plus what ought to be. Truth with a capital T is important to them and their actions have to fit into a personal philosophy they spend years developing.

The evolved Sagittarian is not just up for a party, but the exploration and development of wisdom: a rare and ever increasing in value commodity in our world that has ever more overwhelming data and knowledge, but few souls who can wade through it! Warning: Sagittarians can be professorial with whatever wisdom they have, which can be both a blessing and a curse at times.

Their planetary star Jupiter seems to give most of them a happy spirit equipped with a magic lucky horseshoe, although they may not see it that way! They might see it more like how close they came to disaster, but were saved in the last moment. Risk taking is part of the sign’s dynamic.

Often there’s a sporty or theatrical quality about Sagittarians: you’ll find some of them animating the trendiest of parties or on the frontier exploring big wide open spaces.

In serious relationships, as it tends to be for many born under the sign, meaning is the most important component. How does your relationship relate to the purpose they are currently pursuing? The sign is a restless one oriented to whatever’s coming next. They may know before you do that relationship is viable and make the first moves accordingly. Seeing potential is what they do best.

Keep in mind that for a relationship with a Sagittarian to continue, it must generate meaning: what’s happening must be bigger than either of you individually. In lower types, any kind of bummer is enough to send a Sagittarian to another party! Even in evolved types, they have to go on adventures from time to time either with you or without.

For best results, provide energetic engagement and a capacity to debate and they’ll reward you with glowing personal warmth, a good nature, and joyful companionship.

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