This page has three sections about love and the zodiac sign:

  1. Flattering Natives is a paragraph with suggestions regarding what to notice and admire when interacting with someone who was born when the Sun was in the sign (simply a Leo).
  2. Compatibility Scores are score ratings for Leo with every sign on a seven star scale.
  3. Loving a Leo is a short essay of useful things to know if you’re in relationship with one.

Flattering Natives

Leo’s dramatic flare covers a capacity for deep loyalty and generosity. Praise Leo folk for their personal style and the warmth and light they bring, and applaud their performances, onstage or off.

Compatibility Scores

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) +

Note: dates are approximate and vary slightly by a day or so from year to year.

Loving Leo

Leos tend to be a lot more introverted than the playful extrovert described in the astrological literature. Sure: most Leos learn how to perform when they need to be “on,” but it’s a little known truth that some actually resent the attention that they naturally draw. It takes them away from focusing on themselves! Just kidding! Narcissistic Leos are in reality weak examples of the sign.

Actually, what really fascinates Leo is the source of their creative energy with which they fashion their worlds. Who am I? Why am I uniquely me? The unfolding of personal identity and the effect of its expression on self and other audiences is the actual drive behind what is sometimes dismissed as mere dramatic style. Leo at its best is leading through shining its heart-centered, entertaining and invigorating light generously on others.

Their luminary the Sun inclines Leos to be warm, loyal and central. You must come into their orbit, or they must be able to draw you into theirs by the influence of their own gravity for there to be a connection. And if there is, they’ll be surprisingly generous and take delight in showing you off.

In relationships, no other sign can be as true to the heart. Just make sure to let them know you appreciate them! Then you’ll have a playful companion forever.

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