This page has three sections about love and the zodiac sign:

  1. Flattering Natives is a paragraph with suggestions regarding what to notice and admire when interacting with someone who was born when the Sun was in the sign (simply a Gemini).
  2. Compatibility Scores are score ratings for Gemini with every sign on a seven star scale.
  3. Loving a Gemini is a short essay of useful things to know if you’re in relationship with one.

Flattering Natives

Gemini’s cleverness, wit, and social butterfly tendencies makes for interesting interactions. Praise Gemini folk for the information and knowledge they readily exchange and their seemingly endless versatility.

Compatibility Scores

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) +

Note: dates are approximate and vary slightly by a day or so from year to year.

Loving a Gemini

First thing to know about Geminis is that there are always (at least) two sides to every single story you hear about them. When they’re good, they can be very, very good and when they’re bad, they can be absolutely horrid.

Geminis at their worst are compulsive neurotic nervous wrecks that can lead them to very dark torturous places indeed; yet, at their best, key intermediaries and connectors who dazzle with their verbal acumen, versatility, and intelligence.

All the opposites exist in their thinly spread-to-the-edge psyche and as fast as possible, connections must be apprehended and integrated into their powers of discernment. Even when a Gemini appears to be standing still, vast mental wheels churn within. An important point to remember should you encounter a Gemini who doesn’t present as the chatty stereotype.

Gemini is dual at its very core. This fundamental internal division makes for an ongoing cascade of on-off or yes-no alternations that are continuously changing rapidly like a flying flock of birds. Poles of opposites generate a dynamo: think also of a soul in a blender!

In the astrological literature, Cancer is often described as moody, but really it is Gemini more than any other sign that tends to ride an emotional roller coaster driven by endless mental processing. Stable isn’t one of the sign’s virtues; being able to articulate and cover a lot of ground quickly and cleverly is. Obviously, the Gemini nature can be put to good and bad uses: double dealing, glibness, and gossiping; or, curiosity, clarity, and true mind-to-mind communication. Duality again!

Their planetary star Mercury inclines them to be smart, even though some of them appear as air heads. Appearances can be deceiving, as playing dumb is a classic Gemini tactic! There’s a bit of that mythic youthful trickster god to Geminis who always seem able to pull rabbits out of hats when the need arises. Or have an argument for everything like a smooth devil’s advocate. Why? Because Geminis act innately on a fundamental esoteric teaching: all things are connected. When faced with a division, Geminis find the connection or craft it by power of mind.  The trouble is that if they don’t know themselves, what’s real for Geminis can appear as a rainbow palette of possible truths to be spun in any way they like even when a truth of a more black-or-white nature is required. There’s a difference between spin and bull spin! Geminis who don’t know the difference about themselves are the most in trouble because then they can’t tell the truth about anything and can thus be horribly cruel and indiscreet. Geminis who learn to keep from believing their own press become discerning about how they use language and with whom, yet still serve as a helpful bridge connecting ideas, things, places, and people.

If you’re in relationship with a Gemini, communication is key: they think and they want to know what everyone thinks, most especially you if they care about you. They’ll want to tell their stories and the best of them will want to hear yours too. True Gemini intelligence between the sheets is hot indeed because when developed it knows how to work the biggest human sex organ: the brain. This makes them attentive lovers handy to have around and what’s more, no sign is as fluent when it comes to sweet talk to talkin’ dirty and everything in between.

To keep them around, you have to keep things interesting and above all, join them in keeping the conversation going!

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