This page has three sections about love and the zodiac sign:

  1. Flattering Natives is a paragraph with suggestions regarding what to notice and admire when interacting with someone who was born when the Sun was in the sign (aka an Aquarian).
  2. Compatibility Scores are score ratings for Aquarius with every sign on a seven star scale.
  3. Loving an Aquarian is a short essay of useful things to know if you’re in relationship with one.

Flattering Natives

Aquarius’ loyalty to humane values stems from a high-principled nature. Praise Aquarius folks for their friendship, reasonableness, and all their efforts for growth of the group life.

Compatibility Scores

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) +

Note: dates are approximate and vary slightly by a day or so from year to year.

Loving an Aquarian

The water bearer’s reputation has always been to be an inventive creature in all things, including the bedroom (or wherever else their brilliant minds may conceive hehe) given the smarts of the sign.

Their planetary star Saturn inclines them to understand what will endure in the future and thus they execute just a little ahead of the curve in the now accordingly. To some extent, they share this quality with the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Scorpio), but in Aquarius is the greatest capacity to be able to intellectually conceptualize the future objectively and systematically rather than just acting on instinctive, intuitive or psychic perceptions. Theirs is the power to articulate the big idea that can pull people together.

Aquarians often set up romantic relationships into becoming friendships. They want to recruit everyone to their cause. Theirs is an orientation to the life of the group. Among their entourage of friends may be where their preferences lie. Would-be partners should be prepared to accept Aquarians as they would a friend for the relationship to be sustainable.

As social reformers at heart, Aquarians tend to set their minds to raise the consciousness of the collective in their chosen psychological, cultural, political, and/or scientific spheres of concern. This makes them networkers by nature, but oddly they may feel sometimes for all their connections, they still don’t fit in the way they’d like. Their buddies tend to understand their at times quirky nature best. You just have to shrug and say that it’s their way!

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