Greetings Taureans,

Mars is retrograde from September 9th until November 13-14th.

During this period, you may feel like something is rattling at the bars in your inner attic. Something needs your careful attention to come to light, but it’s exhausting and a distraction.

You need to spend some quality me-time that focuses on determining what it (really you) wants. Or if that is somehow clear in these confusing times, new ways of attaining these desires. Your passion must be in it to win it!

On the other hand, maybe it’s a matter of prioritization. You’re usually sensible enough to know what’s most deserving of your attention and what is less so. Let that guide you and be at peace with it.



P.S. The above is a general interpretation for your sign. For an understanding of how Mars Retrograde plays out in your personal horoscope, contact me.

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