Greetings Scorpios,

Mars is retrograde from September 9th until November 13-14th.

During this period, you may feel your energy dip a little. You need to take care of yourself and recognize and act on the extra steps required to keep you healthy, functioning, and whole. See your healthcare professionals if you need to.

Scorpios can be stoic when they don’t have to be. Investigate what’s bothering you and as much as possible, keep kick-starting your routine if you get sidetracked.

It’s important that you take responsibility for your thoughts at this time. Plan rather than worry. And for all the reputed darkness of Scorpios, I know you know the light just as intensely. So trust the process when plans are not enough.



P.S. The above is a general interpretation for your sign. For an understanding of how Mars Retrograde plays out in your personal horoscope, contact me.

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