Greetings Scorpios,

Happy Supermoon! Bet you know it’s in your sign!

By its dreamy, sensual, and passionate light, I hope this horoscope finds you well…

Within the Jupiter-Pluto context I wrote about in April (FYI: yes – it’s still happening!), the matter of concern for Scorpio reflected by these two swinging planetary stars dancing backwards begins more as facing things that give you pause rather than exploring how you could free yourself from the things that oppress you.

You’d be wise to settle some longstanding debts, particularly during the most intense middle part of Venus’ three-step dance backwards May 13th-June 25th. The need for taking a mental vacation is the sub-plot that clicks in most strongly amid Mercury’s partially coinciding equivalent June 18th-July 12th.

During May 13th-June 25th, facing your shadow and resolving to remedy its consequences should be the focus, rather than initiating anything new. Do not yield to temptations to meld your physical distancing bubbles with another. Instead tune into a higher creative source over the summer. #staysafe!

During June 18th-July 12th, the need to renew what give your life meaning will become more apparent. What insights you derive from your re-exploration may generate turbulence… find ways of easing the stress for yourself and others. There are opportunities in the struggle to gain wise counsel and/or support from an old trusted friend or mentor through to July 12th.

I envision you emerging from this at the end of July having experienced personal renewal and a deeper conversion to the things that help you keep it all in perspective. The fall may be about putting yourself to work in a new way, but more about that next edition.



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