Greetings Sagittarians,

Happy Supermoon in Scorpio!

By its dreamy, sensual, and passionate light, I hope this horoscope finds you well…

Within the Jupiter-Pluto context I wrote about in April (FYI: yes – it’s still happening!), the matter of concern for Sagittarius reflected by these two swinging planetary stars dancing backwards begins more as identifying the source of some communications glitches in your partnerships with others, rather than dispensing wisdom regarding how they could be fixed if they just followed your advice.

The re-evaluation of significant pairings in your life is particularly intense during the middle part of Venus’ three-step dance backwards May 13th-June 25th. The question of seeing most deeply how the dynamic lives in you clicks in most strongly amid Mercury’s partially coinciding equivalent June 18th-July 12th.

During May 13th-June 25th, re-connection with your most significant partnerships is indicated, rather than initiating anything new. There is a significant yearning quality to this period and many may succumb to temptations to merge their physical bubbles, despite the risks, in a fit of nostalgia for seasonal times before. Better to find a higher spiritual source over the summer at home. #staysafe!

During June 18th-July 12th, the need to re-engage in some kind of intimacy, perhaps therapy if nothing else, will become apparent. Whatever you do, something needs to be raked to the surface. Confrontations may come because of it, yet through learning by all parties, there are opportunities to build processes to manage it better through to July 12th.

I envision you emerging from this at the end of July better with improved cooperation skills. The fall may be about re-visiting an avenue of creative expression, but more about that next edition.



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