Greetings Cancerians,

Happy Supermoon in Scorpio!

By its dreamy, sensual, and passionate light, I hope this horoscope finds you well…

Within the Jupiter-Pluto context I wrote about in April (FYI: yes – it’s still happening!), the matter of concern for Cancer reflected by these two swinging planetary stars dancing backwards begins more as a profound need for quality me time rather than as engaging the world.

You might feel at times lost at sea particularly during the most intense middle part of Venus’ three-step dance backwards May 13th-June 25th. The re-evaluation of the story you tell about yourself clicks in most strongly amid Mercury’s partially coinciding equivalent June 18th-July 12th.

During May 13th-June 25th, ideally you’d be meditating somewhere sacred, rather than caught in the worldly mileu. Or paying close attention to your dreams. Lower level substitutions are your moodshifter of choice: better to direct your attention to the all in all within. Time spent with a lot of people may make you feel or act goofy. Venus in her retrograde dance is pierced by collective yearnings to merge physical distancing bubbles, but the wiser course is for all to consider the big dangers of taking unnecessary risks. #staysafe!

During June 18th-July 12th, the need to re-think how you’re expressing yourself needs review… as well as what you conceal from others inside. Issues you bring up lead to confrontation, but there are opportunities for reforming how team participation works through to July 12th.

I envision you emerging from this at the end of July with a having a better balance between your conscious and unconscious selves. The fall may be about how you want to direct it in a professional or vocational sense, but more about that next edition.



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