Greetings Ariens,

By its dreamy, sensual, and passionate light, I hope this horoscope finds you well…

Within the Jupiter-Pluto context I wrote about in April (FYI: yes – it’s still happening!), the matter of concern reflected by these two swinging planetary stars dancing backwards begins more as neighborhood (or sibling navigation) than focusing on one’s rootedness.

The desire to get up and get around, not to mention interact with folks will be particularly strong during the most intense middle part of Venus’ three-step dance backwards May 13th-June 25th. Might be better to write it out. Reviewing the family and domestic space clicks in most strongly amid Mercury’s partially coinciding equivalent June 18th-July 12th.

During May 13th-June 25th, your communications should be more about clean-up operations: address your email backlog. Venus reflects yearnings to break our social distancing bubbles, but the wiser course is for all to consider the big dangers of unnecessary gambles with our lives. #staysafe!

During June 18th-July 12th, the need to determine where you are deep down will become more pressing. There may be turbulence driven by what you dig up, but there are opportunities to articulate new things from deep down through to July 12th, even if they’ll need revision and polishing before full expression.

I envision you emerging from this at the end of July with a refined home space and a clearer sense of your situation both mentally and physically. The fall may be about enacting what you want to do about it within your constraints, but more about that next edition.



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